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Civilization, The world's first zero-fee DeFi trading system, Audited, patent-pending technology: DeFi for everyone. Building towards a community-driven fund.

What is the Civilization token?

  • It trades as CIV on Ethereum only, the only fully truly 100% decentralized blockchain. It started with a soft launch and zero marketing budget. It has a fixed supply of 300 million tokens minted and placed in a Uniswap v2 liquidity pool that was burnt forever against the risk of rug pulls.  Buying the token is equivalent to getting equity in the fund, which means owning a part of the fund project.

What is the difference between buying the token and investing in the fund?

  • Buying CIV is similar to purchasing shares in a traditional investment fund. However, it has its own attractive but different return profile from investing in the underlying fund; significantly more potential for price upside and more potential price volatility. Please also carefully read other questions regarding the fund. The token performance will eventually be driven by the fund performance through a simple buy-back/burn mechanism. Whereas CIV represents a share in the fund, ETH is invested into the fund.