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Celo Community Fund I (CCF I) is the first community approved spend proposal from the on-chain Community Fund (explorer). Community members seeking funding can apply to CCF I, which is managed by three community stewards, or they can submit their own governance spend proposal to be voted on by CELO owners.[1]


Launch Date: April 2020

Total Funding Allocated: not disclosed

Total Funds Distributed to Date (if available): not disclosed

What Asset(s) are the funds paid out with (native token versus $USD, for example): $CELO

Where funding is tracked: not publicly

Area(s) of Focus

On/off ramps

CELO/fiat or cUSD/fiat CLOB exchange pairs, fiat-to-crypto software, P2P platforms, wallet integrations, point-of-sale integrations, e-commerce integrations, etc.

Community tools

Desktop/browser/hardware wallets, developer tools, governance voting applications, block explorers, validator metrics dashboards, etc.


Support people and projects that want to conduct research. This can include both technical and non-technical areas relevant to Celo.


Create educational content, host Celo related talks. We are also open to considering other great teams/projects that might be beneficial to Celo’s mission/ecosystem.


The three Celo Community Fund CCF I stewards will make grant decisions. In some cases, if additional expertise or help is needed they may enlist help from Celo community members or subject matter experts. However, the final decision will be made by the stewards.[2]

How to Apply

this program is not currently accepting submissions and was closed in favor of the Celo Foundation Grants Program

Announcements, forum posts, news articles or other media that may be relevant

Governance Forum