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Burrow is a decentralized, non-custodial, pool-based interest rates platform that enables users to supply assets to earn interest, and to borrow against them to unlock liquidity. Burrow is similar in nature to Aave, Compound, and other pool-based protocols.

BRRR Token Distribution

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BRRR
  • Community: 50%
  • DAO treasury: 20%
  • Core team: 20%
  • Strategic investors: 10%

What is the BRRR staking program?

BRRR holders can partake in the BRRR staking program, similar to the ve-token model pioneered by Curve. They can stake their BRRR tokens and receive xBRRR tokens. They can decide how long to stake their BRRR tokens and will receive more xBRRR the longer they stake.

Liquidation Rules

Liquidations on Burrow follow 3 basic rules:

  • The initial health factor of the liquidated accounts has to be below 100%
  • The discounted sum of the taken collateral should be less than the sum of repaid assets
  • The final health factor of the liquidated accounts has to stay below 100%

Burrow DAO

  • Burrow is governed by the Burrow DAO, which operates using the SputnikDAO/AstroDAO framework. Sputnik is very flexible, enabling DAOs to create roles with encoded responsibilities, and to execute any transactions supported by the NEAR blockchain.
  • The DAO is responsible for managing the treasury and reserve funds, onboarding new assets, and managing asset risks through a range of parameters.