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Boba Network

Boba is an Ethereum Layer 2 network built on the Optimistic Rollup developed by Optimism[1] BOBA token is the governance and staking token of the protocol, launched on November 18th 2021.[2] Prior to launch, OMG Foundation token holders were able to bridge to BOBA Network and receive 1 BOBA per OMG token.[3]

Boba differs from Optimism by:[4]

  • providing additional cross-chain messaging such as a message-relayer-fast
  • using different gas pricing logic
  • providing a swap-based system for rapid L2->L1 exits (without the 7 day delay)
  • providing a community fraud-detector that allows transactions to be independently verified by anyone
  • interacting with L2 ETH using the normal ETH methods (msg.value, send eth_sendTransaction, and provider.getBalance(address) rather than as WETH
  • being organized as a DAO
  • NFT bridges support native L1 NFTs and native L2 NFTs to be moved back and forth
  • automatically relaying classical 7-day exit messages to L1 for you, rather than this being a separate step