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Blizzard is an over $200M fund dedicated to accelerating development, growth, and innovation across the ecosystem of builders and users of the Avalanche public blockchain and beyond. Blizzard Fund investors include the Avalanche Foundation, Ava Labs, Polychain Capital, and Three Arrows Capital.


Launch Date: 11/1/21

Total Funding Allocated: $200M mentioned on announcement but not sure if that is denominated in value of AVAX at time of writing

Total Funds Distributed to Date (if available): not disclosed

What Asset(s) are the funds paid out with (native token versus $USD, for example): AVAX

Where funding is tracked: not disclosed

Area(s) of Focus

The fund is focused on four key areas of growth across the Avalanche ecosystem: DeFi, enterprise applications, NFTs and culture applications, and will also look for opportunities to support other emerging use cases such as security token issuances, liquidity providers and self-sovereign identity.[1]


A dedicated team of fund managers composed of experts in blockchain and decentralized finance research and development, capital markets and finance, business development and operations, marketing and community development will oversee the deployment of capital and provide post-investment portfolio support.[2]

How to Apply

Projects interested in joining the Blizzard portfolio by expanding to Avalanche or building the next big thing in the Avalanche community should contact Blizzard@avalabs.org

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