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Arweave is a data storage blockchain protocol to store files permanently across made of a distributed network of computers. Its goal is to build something not unlike the Library of Ashurbanipal, "a twelve tablet copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh which is regarded as the earliest surviving great work of literature."[1] Essentially, Arweave is building a decentralized information archive. The protocols token, AR, is used to pay to have information stored on Arweave.


Arweave was founded in 2017, initially named Archain. The prefix ar- is a reference to the word archive.[1]

The token, named ARC at launch, held a presale on the website in August of 2017.

In October the project's token was changed from ARC to just AR, rebranding to as their new website.[2]

Archain held an art event called GENESIS on December 15th 2017, which was mean to celebrate the artistic and technological communities' shared values.[3][4]

Archain permanently changed the project's name to Arweave in February 2018.[5]

Registrations opened for the Arweave token sale on March 5th, 2018.[6]

The sale was from June 3rd - 6th, selling 66,000,000 AR tokens for 0.73 USD each. It seemed to raise a total of $8.7m. There was a hardcap of $400k per investor.[7]

In July, the Arweave network officially launched.[8]

In February of 2019, Arweave announced SILO. SILO is a privacy layer for webpages, allowing users to share pages to specific users privately by using hashing.[9]