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Ante is a protocol that hosts on-chain commitments ("Ante Tests"), staked with crypto, that check key, live assumptions.

Ante uses Ante Test stakes to calculate Decentralized Trust Scores, and is building a decentralized Schelling Point for protocol trust. Ante Tests can check protocol solvency, multisig balances plunging, and more.

Ante (Autonomous Native Testing Environment) v0.5 is currently live on Ethereum mainnet. Anyone can write, deploy Ante Tests, and also deploy trustless, non-custodial Ante Pools that stakers and challengers of a particular test can deposit crypto (currently only ETH).


  • Ante also hosts crowd-sourced test ideas at its Requests for Tests (RFT) board, found at
  • Developers can read Ante v0.5 documentation (to write their first Ante Test) at [1]
  • Ante Test writers can submit their PR to the Ante Community Repo (hosts Ante Tests) at [2]


Ante Finance [3] [4]