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Aldrin’s mission is to simplify DeFi and create powerful tools for all traders to succeed.

Aldrin DEX

  • Unlike a Centralised Exchange, your money never really lives on a Dex completely. By connecting a Solana Wallet, you connect your funds to our DEX for trading purposes.
  • An easy and simple analogy would be how users purchase video game discs and gaming consoles. The game console is the enabler for the game, but the game disc doesn’t solely exist on the console, and you can take your gaming disc and insert into another compatible console.
  • This brings us to the abundance of Solana based wallets on the market.

Balancing Stable Vs Unstable Pools

  • Aldrin Stable Pools are designed to enable capital-efficient swapping, even when the pool token ratios are imbalanced. This means that users can deposit and withdraw at ratios that aren't the 50:50 balance they see in most conventional liquidity pools. For example, the Pool for USDC/USDT may showcase a snapshot of more USDC than USDT, or vice-versa.
  • However, an even pegged exchange rate for swapping will still be available i.e., 1 USDC = 1 USDT. The impact, thus, on Liquidity Providers would be that they may be in a position where they are withdrawing/depositing more of one token than the other. Please bear this in mind when depositing and withdrawing liquidity.
  • Constant Products Pools (those used to pair tokens that aren't pegged in price) tend to carry a different mechanism and therefore the price of the tokens in it are directly linked to the changes of balances in that pool.

Aldrin (RIN) Token Use Cases

Ecosystem Participation

Aldrin is a project that focuses on customer experience. As the ecosystem grows and has an expanded set of products, RIN token holders will be able to participate in the direction of Aldrin future development.


To incentivize growth and participation in the Aldrin ecosystem, RIN token holders will receive a portion of the fees generated by Aldrin, as well as the predetermined staking rewards program.

RIN Product Roadmap & Upcoming Programs

Solana-based Automated Market Maker

Audited; launching in the coming weeks. The DEX plans to charge a transaction fee with a percentage of that fee going towards the liquidity providers and RIN stakers.


RIN stakers will be able to utilize their capital by receiving a derivative of their staked RIN. sRIN utility will increase as it integrates with other protocols.

Trade Farming Program

Rewards program will be provided for trading in the order book DEX. More details to be announced.

Buyback & Burn

Transaction fees from Aldrin CEX will be utilized to buy back and burn RIN tokens from the open market. More details are to be announced as we get closer to the CEX launch.