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Aelin is a fundraising protocol built on Ethereum and launched on Optimism.

How it works

Aelin is a permissionless multi-chain protocol for capital raises and OTC deals. It allows anyone to raise capital for their project or an OTC deal and to seek out investors.

What does Aelin allow you to do?

  • Aelin enables anyone to raise a pool of capital to source fundraising deals.
  • Aelin brings trustlessness and transparency to capital fundraising
  • Pool Investors can invest in early-stage fundraising rounds (think Seed rounds for early ventures) for new and upcoming projects.
  • Protocols can get access to much-needed capital & better align their long-term vision with the community that helped them build towards this vision.
  • All a project needs is a token and deal terms (vesting schedules, etc.)
  • Pool Sponsors can earn a percentage fee for deals they bring to Aelin.

How is AELIN Goverened? What is an AELIP?

  • Aelin is goverened through a representative system where token holders elect the Aelin Council members who decide protocol level decisions.
  • An AELIP is a Aelin Improvement Proposal which documents a potential change to the Aelin Protocol. Anyone is able to write one and the Aelin Council decides by majority