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Multichain Farm-As-A-Service provider offering off-the-shelf farms for projects and a yield farming one-stop shop for crypto holders.

TokensFarm Products

LP Farm

  • The simplest way to grow liquidity for your LP pair. Incentivize your community with rewards, our dynamic APY contract, multi-DEX support, and customize your design. We will set up and deploy your LP farm contract and help you promote it, analyze the farm metrics, and more

Staking Farm

  • Staking has never been easier to set up. Reward your community for locking tokens on the dynamic APY contract. The contract is fully customizable! You can choose your design, duration of the farm, rewards amount, rate, and other great functionalities

Vesting Contract

  • Give your users a simple, trusted contract to claim their tokens. Allow users to pre-select their desired chain, and claim by demand.
  • TokensFarm provides three types of vesting contracts:
  • Ongoing - Linear vesting on a pre-defined duration, block by block.
  • Custom - Iterative vesting, pre-defined number of batches and days between each.
  • AirDrop - All tokens unlocked at once and claimable of a specific date.

TokensFarm Features


  • All TokensFarm smart contracts are independently audited by leading blockchain security firms

Market Place

  • TokensFarm's explore section increases your farms’ discoverability and exposure

Cross-Chain Swaps

  • Expand your token reach to new chains and markets with the integrated cross-chain bridge of

Human Support

  • Live direct conversations with humans, powered chatbots & messaging tools help, written guides, videos, and more

Full Transparency

  • The contracts are fully transparent. Users can view farm’s code, stats, audits, and more, all through a simple infographic UI


  • Get the farm metrics from our API. Collect data, and connect it with your website buttons, banners, and more

Products in Development

Perpetual Staking Farm

  • Create an ongoing staking contract for your token. Incentivize your community to Hodl for a longer duration

Uni V3 Farm

  • Launch LP Farm contract for your token on Uniswap V3

NFT Farm

  • Mint and reward unique NFTs for staking your token and expand your token utilities