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Glad to be one of the first to enter the WIKI! Very excited about a few specific projects (which shall remain nameless), but overall also very excited about how the world will change because of all the things people are creating.

Bitcoin success stories: How a couple used it to establish a family

Gains from bitcoins made it possible for "Noodle," a Bitcoiner from London, to pay for his family's in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. In the most recent issue of Cointelegraph's Crypto Stories, Noodle's tale is brought to life.

IVF procedures may be pricey, and their success rates can range from 4% to 38%, depending on a number of variables. Fortunately, Noodle was able to establish a family because of the money he made from buying and keeping Bitcoin. Noodle chose to sell part of his Bitcoin in order to pay for his wife's IVF treatment after learning about it for the first time in 2012. He preferred selling BTC to getting a loan, and over the course of several years, he converted over $70,000 in Bitcoin into fiat money to pay for the therapies.


When Noodle was in the gym, he first encountered Bitcoin. He learned about the Silk Road from a friend, which was a now-defunct bazaar where users could trade BTC for a variety of goods. Noodle was persuaded to purchase 7 BTC at a cost of $57 each, which he afterward used to get marijuana online. Noodle then began to go down into the worlds of banking, education, and bitcoin.

Even his wife, with whom he had been since 2008, was persuaded to put part of their wedding funds into Bitcoin. They had no idea that this investment would eventually enable them to afford IVF procedures so they could start a family. The Noodle family was able to produce two children because of the income from their Bitcoin investment, despite the initial stigma associated with IVF. Noodle stressed the need of being able to make well-informed financial decisions in an interview with Cointelegraph, adding that he had "no regrets" regarding his choice to sell BTC in order to raise a family.

It can be challenging for many people to decide whether to store Bitcoin or use it for actual objectives. Noodle, on the other hand, made the decision to sell without hesitation and is appreciative of the chance his Bitcoin investment gave him.