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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a liquid staking protocol on Klaytn.


No.1 Staking Protocol aims to be the No. 1 staking protocol on Klaytn in every manner, from reliable and high rewards to our expert staking algorithms. Experience automatically increasing rewards by staking on

Liquidity Without Lockup

Receive our liquid token stKLAY at a 1:1 ratio on staking KLAY through our protocol. Use stKLAY like KLAY for leveraging strategies on other protocols to maximize your profits and enjoy KLAY staking without lockup!

Partnership with Klaytn

Through partnership with Klaytn governance council members, provides the most optimal asset management platform for Klaytn. Furthermore, aims to create a robust ecosystem for utilizing stKLAY through close partnership with leading DeFi services on Klaytn.

Trusted Team

From the know-hows we accumulated through providing staking services for corporate clients, provides a safe and reliable staking service.