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This Wiki aims to become the encyclopedia of crypto. It is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through a model of open collaboration, using a wiki-based editing system and it aims to be community-driven, neutral and unbiased.

The basic guidelines are:

  • Don't shill
  • Every article should start with a single sentence explaining what the article is about in as few words as possible.
  • Try to go beyond what something is (eg: Maker is a protocol that lets you mint a stablecoin by using ETH as collateral) and into how it's used (eg: Maker is used to leverage ETH, avoid taxes for selling…)
  • Brevity is king
  • Be neutral
  • Use sources (click the Cite button)
  • For protocol pages, always add an image for token supply schedule

How to create a new page

  1. Search for the page you want to create
  2. Click on "Search for pages containing"
  3. Click on the red link after "Create the page"
  4. Write the page and save it


MakerDAO, Curve Finance, Glossary and other Protocols


Currently most knowledge about defi events is in collective memories, twitter or news articles. All of these are temporary, hard to find and they quickly get outdated. This has lead to the idea, among crypto OGs, that the same mistakes keep being repeated by new projects because they are unaware of the past. But how can we avoid that if knowledge is not easily accessible to newcomers?

We believe that a wiki could solve that by becoming a resource that can be edited by anyone (so it stays up to date) and which aggregates and synthesizes information, so you can get short and concise explanations of past events. At defillama we are uniquely positioned to build this since we're currently already acknowledged as a neutral source and our current product is based on community contributions too, so we decided to build it.

We are currently looking for someone to lead our efforts on the wiki front, so we'll extend a job offer and offer mod positions within the wiki to the main contributors. If you've been wanting to contribute but couldn't because you're not a dev, this is your chance!