Jarvis Network

Synthereum is the first protocol of the Jarvis Network.

The protocol pioneers a capital-efficient manner to issue and exchange synthetic fiat currencies called jFIATs.

jFIATs are stablecoins for decentralized and centralized finance, designed to be usable: they keep their peg, are highly liquid and are scalable!

Synthereum's role is to solve these issues and to launch non-USD stablecoins (jFIATs) which are designed to onboard and retain users in DeFi, and to facilitate access to liquidity and yield. The roadmap of the protocol is fashioned around this ethos.

More precisely, the protocol, its governance and its core contributors should make sure that jFIATs:

  • Have a strong peg
  • Are highly liquid
  • Are able to scale
  • Generate yield
  • With a lot of integrations
  • Multiple fiat gateways
  • Are on a scaling layer