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@llamaintern pfp on Twitter

DeFi Llama Round Up is a daily curated list of links with the most revelant DeFi news and updates started on March 11th 2021, curated by @llamaintern

At first it was a mere list of recent events or news from the CT space and was called The llama gazette 🦙

Some of the topics included:

  • DeFi🏦
  • Development - News related to chain development
  • MEV⚡️
  • News📰
  • Raises💰
  • Threads - Twitter threads that go deep into explaining a concept.
    • Layer 1 & 2⛓
    • Reads - general crypto topics, like security and privacy
  • Tips💡
  • Podcast🎙 - Recent episodes of crypto related podcasts
  • Watch📺 - Recent video on crypto topics

Updates are posted on Defi Llama's Telegram or Discord channels

More Info

DeFi LLama Round Up Channel on Telegram

DeFi LLama Discord´s server