Brainiac Finance is Nervos Godwoken's first lending markets which allow users to borrow and lend assets to earn yield in a fully decentralized way. With Brainiac Finance you will be able to lend or borrow Godwoken assets like ETH, USDC, CKB & BNB to earn high APY.

How does Brainiac work

You can think of Brainiac Finance working similar to a bank. You can deposit various cryptocurrencies to earn annual interest on your deposits. Similar to how you earn interest when depositing money into a savings account with a traditional bank. However, the key difference is that Brainiac Finance never has custody over your cryptocurrency deposits, you do. Essentially, you’re interacting with a smart contract and not with a company or person. This part is important to understand since this means that no central authority can take your funds away from you.

BRN Tokenomics

$BRAIN is the protocol’s native governance token scheduled for September 2022, $BRAIN will govern the future of This includes tokens onboarding, configuration changes and decisions related to protocol updates through voting. $BRAIN holders will also be eligible for receiving protocol revenue and fees in the near future.

A total maximum supply of 10 mln $BRAIN will be gradually emitted.

  • 75% of the $BRAIN emissions is allocated for gradual emission to protocol participants and other stakeholders under full governance control. Users who borrow, lend or provide liquidity on the protocol will be eligible to receive these rewards.
  • 10% of the total emission is allocated for the team, linearly vested over a period of 4 years.
  • 9% of the supply is reserved for the Treasury, which will be responsible for marketing, community management, giveaways and other operational costs of running Brainiac Finance, linearly vested for 4 years.
  • 2% of the supply is allocated to various advisors and tokenomics experts, linearly vested for 4 years.
  • 2.5% of total supply will be used for raising funds in our upcoming Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on YokaiSwap
  • The funds raised in IDO will be paired with 1.5% of total supply to add Initial Liquidity for $BRAIN token in YokaiSwap

Brain Vaults

Brain Vaults are Godwoken L2's first auto compounding vaults which optimize and increase your yield without any action needed from your side! By depositing into Brain Vaults you can grow your LP position automatically by auto-compounding the rewards earned.

Their vaults auto-compound your tokens for you. And because the transaction costs are SO LOW on Godwoken, we are able compound your rewards multiple times EVERY DAY!

Normally you have to run through following transactions to compound your farm investment for  USDC|eth-CKB farm on YokaiSwap on Godwoken v1.

  1. Harvest rewards, receiving YOK
  2. Sell 1/2 YOK for eth-CKB
  3. Sell 1/2 YOK for USDC
  4. Use the new USDC and eth-CKB to create the USDC|eth-CKB LP Token
  5. Deposit LP Token back into Farm
  6. Handle the leftover dust from creating the LP token